FRD Training

Whether your focus is preventing FRD in your workplace, educating members of your bar or trade association, teaching employees to recognize FRD situations, or deepening your own understanding, WorkLife Law can help. WorkLife Law’s attorneys, trainers, and consultants have developed training modules and materials, and can work with you to create and/or present FRD trainings for a reasonable fee.

To discuss your training needs, please contact Cynthia Calvert at 415-565-4640 or by submitting this form.

All training materials include information about the types of biases that cause FRD, common factual situations that give rise to FRD claims, and the bases for legal liability. Trainings designed for HR professionals also include: necessary steps to prevent FRD claims from arising, procedures for responding to FRD claims, and a checklist for determining compliance with applicable statutes. Trainings designed for attorneys include an in-depth discussion of statutory and case law, and litigation tips for plaintiffs and defendants. Trainings for managers, supervisors, and employees include scenarios illustrating common workplace situations that can give rise to FRD, and best practices recommendations for responding to those situations.

For companies interested in understanding their FRD risks, Workforce 21C offers trainings, risk assessments, policy reviews and consultations with executives, HR, and legal departments. Learn more here.