WorkLife Law Family Responsibilities Discrimination Hotline

Have you been subjected to employment discrimination just because you are a parent or caregiver? If so, lawyers at the WorkLife Law Family Responsibilities Discrimination Hotline can discuss your situation with you to see. The Hotline can be reached by sending an email to hotline(at)worklifelaw(dot)org, or by calling (415) 703-8276.

The WorkLife Law Family Responsibilities Discrimination Hotline is a free service designed to help parents and other family caregivers who may be facing employment discrimination because of their family responsibilities. Hotline lawyers discuss work situations with employees and help them assess whether they have been discriminated against, provide information about the applicable laws and, if necessary, pair them with attorneys who are experienced in this relatively new area of employment law. WorkLife Law does not provide legal representation or legal advice. Contacting the Hotline does not create an attorney-client relationship.

WLL frequently gets calls and e-mails from mothers and fathers who have been passed over for promotion, denied leave, or forced out of their jobs – sometimes with express statements from employers that their caregiving responsibilities were the reason. These employees often have claims under Title VII and similar state laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and other statutes.

Some examples of hotline calls:

A pregnant employee called after her employer told her she could take only eight weeks of FMLA leave for the birth of her child because that was all that was medically necessary. WLL gave information about her rights under the FMLA, which she took to her supervisor and her HR department. Her request for 12 weeks of FMLA leave was granted.
After requesting unpaid leave to care for his newborn son, a male employee was terminated. The supervisor stated that the employee would not be able to concentrate on his job now that he has a baby. WLL helped him find an attorney to represent him.
A pregnant employee sent an email to the Hotline because her employer wanted to stop her benefits while she was on maternity leave. WLL gave her information about her state’s laws, which require short-term disability pay to be given to employees who are out on maternity leave, and about benefits continuation under the FMLA.
A mother was harassed on the job when she needed FMLA leave to care for her chronically-ill daughter. She was unfairly criticized, her responsibilities were taken away, and she was ostracized. WLL helped her find an attorney to represent her.

Have You Experienced Discrimination?

If you think you or someone you know may have been discriminated against because of caregiving responsibilities, contact the WorkLife Law Family Responsibilities Discrimination Hotline for information and assistance. It is important that you act promptly so you do not lose your rights. The Hotline can be reached by sending an email to hotline(at)worklifelaw(dot)org, or by calling (415) 703-8276.

Note: The Hotline receives many inquiries, and responds as quickly as possible. Most inquiries receive a response within 72 hours.

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