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The WorkLife Law Family Responsibilities Discrimination Hotline is available to both employers and employees with questions regarding Family Responsibilities Discrimination (“FRD”). The Hotline is a free service designed to help prevent and remedy FRD.

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How we can help:


Hotline lawyers discuss work situations with parents and other family caregivers who may be facing employment discrimination because of family responsibilities. The lawyers provide information about the applicable laws, help employees assess whether they have been discriminated against, and talk through strategies for getting what they need.


Employers may call the Family Responsibilities Discrimination Hotline with questions regarding what constitutes FRD, how to handle situations in which FRD frequently arises, and how to prevent workplace discrimination against caregivers.

How to Reach Us:

The Hotline can be reached by filling out the form below, sending an email to, or by calling (415) 703-8276. WorkLife Law does not provide legal representation or legal advice. Contacting the Hotline does not create an attorney-client relationship. If necessary, the Hotline can pair callers with attorneys for further assistance. IMPORTANT: We try to respond to emails and calls within 48 hours. If you have not received a response from us within that time, please leave us a voice message on the Hotline phone line at (415) 703-8276.

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