Working Groups

Interdisciplinary working groups that produce action-ready research are a hallmark of WorkLife Law. Its working groups have created new areas of study in social science, a rapidly-growing area of employment law, and best practices for employers. Currently, three working groups are under way:

Working Group on Redesigning/Redefining Work (co-organized with The Clayman Center for Gender Research at Stanford University)

Double Jeopardy Working Group (co-organized with the Columbia University Business School and the Columbia Law School Center for Institutional and Social Change)

Working Group on Pregnancy Accommodation The Working Group brings together employment attorneys, social scientists, and physicians.

Women’s Advancement

The New Girls’ Network website has just been launched! Check it out.

New events coming soon!


WorkLife Law presented its work on using cloud computing to improve work-life fit in the scheduling of hourly workers at an Intuit Solution Jam on August 15, 2013. Intuit engineers brainstormed ways to build the ideas in WorkLife Law’s Improving Work-Life Fit in Hourly Jobs into software.