Practical Tools

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Attorney Resources

The Center provides information for plaintiff and defense side attorneys on Family Responsibilities Discrimination. We also host an Attorney Network which assists member attorneys.


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Employer Best Practice Guides

Employers looking to minimize risk and avoid discrimination can learn from our best practice guides and model policies on Family Responsibilities Discrimination and related issues.


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Model Policies

See what other employers or institutions are doing to support workplace diversity and avoid discrimination. Our model policies can be used as an example for institutional change agents looking to reform policies.


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The Center offers a number of online or in person trainings on avoiding discrimination in the workplace.



Bias Interrupters Tools

Bias interrupters are tweaks to basic business systems that interrupt implicit bias in the workplace. We offer menus of bias interrupters that organizations can implement into their business systems, as well as steps that individuals can take to help level the playing field in their workplace.


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