The Center for WorkLife Law is a research and advocacy organization at UC Hastings College of the Law that seeks to advance gender and racial equality in the workplace and in higher education. WorkLife Law focuses on initiatives that can produce concrete social, legal, and institutional change within three to five years.

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Pregnant at Work

This online resource center provides tools and educational materials for pregnant women, the healthcare professionals who treat them, and the attorneys who represent them. It also has useful materials for companies, human resources professionals, and management attorneys that can assist in navigating the many legal and practical considerations around pregnancy accommodation.


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Stable Scheduling Study

Working with a national apparel retailer, the Center for WorkLife Law conducted a cluster-randomized, store-based experiment on Stable Scheduling. The experiment is multi-dimensional, and aims to shed light on the relationship between schedule stability and business outcomes, as well as worker health and well-being.



Bias Interrupters

Bias Interrupters is an evidence-based model that provides solutions. It interrupts the constant transmission of bias in basic business systems, which leads to more diverse and better performing workplaces. Bias Interrupters change systems, not people.


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Women in Higher Education

Gender bias still exists in academia. Worklife Law has compiled best practices used by colleges and universities across the nation to successfully retain talented faculty, postdocs, and students—particularly women–with family responsibilities.


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Families Responsibilities Discrimination

Family Responsibilities Discrimination (FRD), also called caregiver discrimination, is employment discrimination against workers based on their family caregiving responsibilities. WorkLife Law provides tools employers and employees alike can use to prevent or respond to FRD.


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Women in the Legal Profession

The PAR Research Institute has studied and developed model part-time policies for law firms and in-house legal departments alike, which have been implemented nationwide. In the last five years, The PAR Research Institute expanded its study beyond issues of workplace flexibility to understand how compensation systems and performance evaluations affect women in the legal profession, and how new law firm models are addressing women’s needs.


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Women in STEM

Two factors have stalled women’s advancement in science: implicit bias and lack of family friendly policies. With our partners, the Center works to tackle both factors at all points in the pipeline. Our work ensures that from students to tenured faculty and beyond, women in STEM have the equal opportunity to succeed.


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