pregnancy-accomodation-iconPregnancy Accommodation
WLL’s Pregnancy Accommodation Working Group brings together employment attorneys, social scientists, and physicians. The group will develop: (1) a concerted strategy to gain new rights for pregnant women by developing new legal theories and (2) develop models for doctors’ notes to employers to protect pregnant women.

flexibility-stigma-iconFlexibility Stigma 
For close to thirty years, studies have consistently documented that employees who actually use workplace flexibility statutes often suffer career detriments. In 2009, WorkLife Law formed the Flexibility Stigma Working Group, which ultimately produced nine studies in a special issue of the Journal of Social Issues.

twitter-profileOther Contributions
WorkLife Law has been a thought leader on work-family issues for over a decade.  The first law school center focused on work-family conflict, WorkLife Law has inspired other organizations, including A Better Balance, and activists in other countries, including Japan, Israel, Hungary, and South Africa.

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