April 24, 2023

gender and society cover

The latest episode from the New Gender and Society Podcast features our Founding Director Joan C. Williams and Research Director Dr. Rachel Korn discussing their Gender and Society article on the types of bias people face in the workplace. In their findings, women of all races and men of color reported having to work twice as hard to get the same recognition as the “ideal worker” – or their white male colleagues. 

The title of their article “Documenting the Routine Burden of Devalued Difference in the Professional Workplace,” co-authored with Stanford Sociologist Cecilia L. Ridgeway, refers to the idea that constantly having to work harder creates an invisible routine burden for women and people of color. In this half hour podcast episode, Williams, Korn, and Ridgeway expand on their findings, what drove them to research this topic, and which findings surprised them the most. If you prefer reading, there is an accompanying Gender and Society blog post here. 

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