May 17, 2022

Ice Miller LLP created this Attorney Interview toolkit to interrupt common forms of bias in its interview process. The toolkit equips interviewers with the   materials to evaluate candidates based on their knowledge, skills and abilities pertaining to the position and minimizes the risks of unexamined bias influencing its decision-making.

You can do the same at your organization, using this toolkit as a guide. Distribute this toolkit to everyone involved in your interview process.

Ice Miller also employed a data-driven approach to tackling retention issues among their women attorneys:

  1. First, the firm analyzed its attrition and progression data to pinpoint at what stage its women attorneys were falling behind or leaving for new opportunities.
  2. Next, the firm  conducted one-on-one interviews with current and  former women attorneys to reveal themes of areas of improvement and satisfaction using these interview questions.
  3. With the data-in hand, the firm was  able to develop targeted interventions aimed at retaining their women attorneys and equalizing opportunities for advancement.

Learn how to employ this same data-driven approach at your organization.

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