July 28, 2022

Following the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, WorkLife Law experts are anticipating an increase in troubling new barriers for workers and students who need reproductive healthcare. The Center for WorkLife Law has released new resources to address these barriers in employment and education:

  • Abortion, Pregnancy Loss, & Your Rights at Work: FAQ educates workers and their advocates on the employment protections workers have related to abortion and pregnancy loss. The guide touches on how to request time off to access reproductive healthcare, including traveling out of state; how to protect privacy when requesting leave or accommodations; and what to do in cases of harassment and discrimination. Available in English and Spanish.
  • The Pregnant Scholar initiative’s new resource on abortion and miscarriage informs students and their advocates about legal rights under Title IX to take academic leaves of absence, to receive accommodations, and to be protected from discrimination and harassment due to abortion or pregnancy loss.
  • WorkLife Law is also creating a resource for reproductive healthcare providers on how to support patients with workplace issues, including what information to provide in work notes to trigger legal rights and best practices for protecting patient privacy. Sign up to receive this resource in coming weeks.

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