June 16, 2023

WorkLife Law was invited by State Innovation Exchange (SiX), a national strategy center that resources state legislators, to talk about how state lawmakers can ensure all workers are able to provide care for their loved ones without jeopardizing their family’s economic security stability. In this video, our Deputy Director Liz Morris shares about her own experience as a mother and how the system is failing caregivers everywhere. 

As Liz shares, prohibiting employment discrimination against family caregivers promotes economic security, health, and equity by ensuring employees can meet all of their obligations. WorkLife Law offers resources to help local and state policymakers create long-lasting change, including our introductory guide to family caregiver discrimination created in collaboration with SiX. 

Additional resources to take action:

  • Model legislation and a step-by-step drafting guide from the Center for WorkLife Law
  • List of the 200+ state and local laws prohibiting caregiver discrimination 
  • 2021 Report finding that caregiver anti-discrimination laws do not increase litigation rates 
  • 2022 Report finding that enforcement agency complaints decreased after enactment of caregiver anti-discrimination laws

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