Selected FRD Cases

The Center for WorkLife Law (WLL) has played a central role in documenting the rise of family responsibilities discrimination (“FRD”) cases. Learn more about a selection of high-impact FRD cases here.

Public Policy

WLL’s work with employers and employees gives us a unique 360-degree perspective on the problem of FRD, allowing us to provide feedback to those pursuing public policy efforts to make them workable and fair. Learn more about our role in public policy and existing legislation that addresses FRD here.

Alerts for Employers

Since 2007, WorkLife Law has circulated alerts to interested employers with legal updates relevant to issues of FRD. See our archive of employer alerts or sign up to receive them here.

FRD Training

Whether your focus is preventing FRD in your workplace, educating members of your bar or trade association, teaching employees to recognize FRD situations, or deepening your own understanding, WorkLife Law can help. Learn more about our FRD training services.

Labor Unions

The Center for WorkLife Law’s pregnancy accommodation working group brought together labor activists and lawyers with advocates for pregnant women to create The Shop Steward’s Guide to Counseling and Representing Pregnant Workers. This tool supports union representatives in advocating for the contractual and legal rights of pregnant women – the rights to work free from discrimination and to receive accommodations when necessary. Thanks to AFL-CIO, SEIU, Labor Project for Working Families, and A Better Balance for collaborating in the creation of this manual.

Click here to download a copy of the free manual.
Click here to download a version that allows your union to affix its own logo to the cover for dissemination.

FRD Hotline

The WorkLife Law Family Responsibilities Discrimination Hotline is available to both employers and employees with questions regarding Family Responsibilities Discrimination (“FRD”). The Hotline is a free service designed to help prevent and remedy FRD. Learn more about our FRD Hotline.