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2011 Alerts
May 2011 Employer Alert | Growing FRD Area: Elder Care

February 2011 Employer Alert | Family Responsibilities Discrimination Protects Male Caregivers
2010 Alerts
Dec 2010/Jan2011 Employer Alert | Unlearning Stereotypes That Fuel Family Responsibilities Discrimination

October 2010 Employer Alert | How to Avoid FRD in Interviews: When Asking "How's the Family?" is not a Good Question

September 2010 Employer Alert | Developing a Family Responsibilities Discrimination Prevention Plan

August 2010 Employer Alert | Association Discrimination under the ADA

July 2010 Employer Alert | Focus on Two FMLA Employer Issues

June 2010 Employer Alert | Velez v. Novartis -- $250m Verdict in Class Action Including FRD Claims

May 2010 Employer Alert | White House Forum Encourages Workplace Flexibility Practices

April 2010 Employer Alert | How to Protect Your Clients: Litigation Update on FRD Cases

February 2010 Employer Alert | Report on Local Laws Prohibiting FRD
2009 Alerts
May 2009 Employer Alert | Gender Stereotyping Evidence Gains More Ground

April 2009 Employer Alert | EEOC Issues Best Practices for Employers on Caregiver Bias

February 2009 Employer Alert | Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and FRD

January 2009 Employer Alert | Workplace Flexibility and Retaliation
2008 Alerts
December 2008 Employer Alert | The Obama Administration Means a Renewed Focus on Workplace Flexibility and FRD in 2009

October 2008 Employer Alert | Growing Danger Zone for Employers: Performance Deficiencies of FMLA Protected Employees (Schultz v. Advocate Health)

August 2008 Employer Alert | Promissory Estoppel: A New Arrow in FRD Plaintiffs' Quiver (Peters v. Gilead Sciences, Inc)

June 2008 Employer Alert | FRD Back on Supreme Court Docket in AT&T Corp. v. Hulteen

May 2008 Employer Alert | EEOC Settles Gender Bias Case Against New York Department of Corrections for $972,000

April 2008 Employer Alert | Court Finds Employer Must Re-Assign Work of Employee on FMLA Leave

February 2008 Employer Alert | U.S. Department of Labor Issues Proposed Amendments to FMLA Regulations

January 2008 Employer Alert | The Supreme Court Addresses FRD in AT&T Corp. v. Hulteen
2007 Alerts
December 2007 Employer Alert | President Bush Announces Intent to Veto Expansion of FMLA

November 2007 Employer Alert | The Cross-Section Between FRD and Flexible Work Schedules

October 2007 Employer Alert | Legal Update, including Circuits Split on Application of EEOC's Definition of "Disability" to request for FMLA leave to care for an adult child

September 2007 Employer Alert | "Cats Paw" Exception Applies to FMLA Retaliation Cases: What Does This Mean for FRD FMLA Cases?

August 2007 Employer Alert | Tips for Prevailing in an FRD Action: The Tale of Two Employers

June 2007 Employer Alert | Jury Orders Kohl's Department Store to Pay Woman $2.1 Million for Pregnancy Discrimination

May 2007 Employer Alert | EEOC Issues Guidance on Family Responsibilities Discrimination

April 2007 Employer Alert | EEOC Focuses on Family Responsibilities Discrimination