Women’s Leadership Edge members receive firm/company-wide access to a series of webinars and accompanying written materials covering pertinent topics. These webinars will be given live once per quarter and hosted on the web (downloadable and password-protected) for one year. All members of Women’s Leadership Edge are entitled to a yearlong subscription to four webinars. These webinars will be given live once per quarter and hosted on the web (downloadable and password-protected) for one year. Each webinar will be accompanied by written materials designed to be used as part of a firm or corporate women’s initiative or mentoring/sponsorship program.

Webinar Topics

Webinars will cover a wide-range of timely, pertinent topics such as:

  • Achieve Your Rainmaking Goals. Too often advice on rainmaking is anecdotal. This teleconference, suitable for men as well as women, will translate the extensive social science on networks into incremental, concrete steps to help women achieve rainmaking goals and build value in business networks.
  • Successful Self-Promotion Strategies for Women and Diverse Professionals. Professionals need to be able to project confidence and self-promote in order to succeed.  But women and people of color often find that traditional self-promotion strategies don’t work well for them.  This webinar explains why and presents practical tips for promoting yourself, your colleagues, and your organization.
  • Being a Team Player While Actively Pursuing Your Career Goals. Women and diverse professionals often face internal and/or external pressures to play office roles that give them less visibility and prominence.  This webinar provides concrete strategies to enable professionals to position themselves in the spotlight while still being seen as good team players.
  • How to Have a Baby And Keep Your Job.  This webinar provides four key tools women need in order to plan their transition to motherhood: a step-by-step plan for their transition out of work and back into it, information on shifts in family dynamics triggered by childbirth, a template for building a family consensus around family and career goals, and guidance on how to gain flexibility in your schedule.
  • Managing Mothers—and Fathers.  Managers’ good intentions can get in the way of mothers’ careers.  This webinar provides guidance for supervisors: what conversations to have and how to have them, how to be supportive without making undue assumptions, and how to separate one’s own experience of parenthood from one’s role as a manager.  The conversation will have a special focus on how to manage younger fathers, who may have expectations of parenthood quite different from those of older men.
  • Tools for a Successful Women’s Initiative.  Too often, women’s initiatives are long on good intentions but short on deliverables.  This webinar will discuss how to develop effective metrics to measure success in women’s advancement, and will identify specific topics and materials for programming to allow women to develop the leadership skills they need to survive and thrive.


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