Women’s Leadership

WorkLife Law’s research-based approach to women’s leadership follows business school models by tapping into social science to provide effective tools to help women advance in historically male careers.

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Women's Leadership Edge

Women’s Leadership Edge is a membership program for firms and companies to take your organization’s commitment to advancing women to the next level. Members receive practical evidence-based tools to enable your organization to effectively retain, support, and advance women from within.



Leadership Academy for Women

Founded in 2007, HLAW provides a business-school style curriculum designed to help women in the legal profession attain leadership positions. The multi-day intensive program includes one day that brings together women law firm partners with in-house lawyers.



The New Girls' Network

Women need to be politically savvier than men in order to thrive in careers dominated by men. The New Girls’ Network provides career savvy in a bottle, combining 35 years of research on gender bias with successful women’s strategies for navigating bias.


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