The WorkLife Law Attorney Network is a free national service designed to pair employees who have been subjected to family responsibilities discrimination with attorneys who are experienced in this relatively new area of employment law.

Family responsibilities discrimination, which is employment discrimination against parents and other caregivers because of their caregiving responsibilities, is a hot issue in employment law. WLL is frequently contacted by mothers and others who have been passed over for promotion, harassed, or terminated – sometimes with express statements from employers that their caregiving responsibilities were the basis. These employees often have claims under Title VII and state counterparts, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and other statutes. They need representation by experienced litigators who are familiar with the statutes and recent rulings that protect against FRD.

The attorneys on the WorkLife Law Attorney Network have experience representing plaintiffs in employment discrimination matters, and are knowledgeable about this relatively new area of employment law. The Attorney Network also acts as an educational and informational resource for member attorneys. WLL publishes a frequently-updated Guide to Family Responsibilities Discrimination, and will hold telephone conference seminars about current case law for network members. In addition, attorneys on the Network will have access to:

  • WLL’s staff attorneys, and other attorneys on the Network, to discuss strategy and litigation-related issues;
  • WorkLife Law’s growing form and brief bank; and
  • WorkLife Law’s members-only website, where members can exchange messages with other Network attorneys, get updates on current law, share litigation experiences and tips, and receive information from sociologists and other experts.

Attorneys on the Network may receive referrals from WLL (i.e., members talk to employees, referred and prescreened by the Network who appear to have viable claims, charging normal rates and making whatever determinations they normally make with respect to whether to represent the employees), and keep WorkLife Law reasonably posted on the progress of the case. There is no charge to join the Network, but we do ask that if an attorney who is on the Network receives fees as a result of a referral, he or she make a donation to the Network project to keep it going. WLL would also appreciate receiving copies of briefs and forms to share with other attorneys.

The Network is an initiative of the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California Hastings College of the Law, under the direction of Joan Williams, and is funded by private grantors. We hope you are interested in joining the WLL Attorney Network, and in sharing your knowledge and information with other attorneys paving the way in this important area of employment law.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Network, please contact: Cynthia Calvert, Network Director, at or 410-480-4882 or 415-565-4640.

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