Model Policies

Our model policies can help employers and HR professionals prevent and respond to Family Responsibilities Discrimination (FRD) at work.

Family Responsibilities Discrimination for Management Policy Manuals

Need to include anti-FRD language in your policy handbook? This resource offers sample policy language that supports equal opportunity for employees with family caregiver responsibilities.

Preventing Discrimination Against Employees with Family Responsibilities

Family responsibilities discrimination (“FRD”) is a growing area of liability for employers. This resource outlines the key features of FRD cases, applicable statutes and case law, approaches for employers hoping to prevent FRD, and also includes a series of helpful FAQs.

Preventing Discrimination Against Pregnant and Parenting Students

This document from our Pregnant Scholar initiative provides a template policy for universities looking to implement a policy for pregnant and parenting students.  The model policy includes pregnancy and lactation accommodations, in-class accommodations, and leave.



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