December 22, 2023

WorkLife Law’s free legal helplines were ringing off the hook in 2023. We received more calls from caregivers, pregnant workers, and students than ever before in our history – a 400% increase. Thanks to the triumphant passage of the PUMP Act and the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, we have new, dramatically stronger tools at our disposal to protect workers’ health and livelihoods. We’ve been getting results for workers nationwide and are committed to supporting more people in the upcoming year. 

“I cannot thank you enough for helping me find the words and the courage to fight for myself, my family, and hopefully other women at my workplace.” 

Looking back at 2023 

In addition to working tirelessly to provide life-changing legal assistance, WorkLife Law attorneys have been fighting to ensure everyone can benefit from strong and equitable laws that protect family caregivers at work and school. Our advocates:

It will be hard to top a year like this—but we plan to! We are immensely grateful for your partnership as we look forward to continuing to meet the unprecedented needs–and opportunities–of this moment. 

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