February 28, 2024

Today the Senate Budget Committee held a hearing on the ways in which restricting access to abortion undermines women’s economic security. WorkLife Law is proud to stand with partners in submitting written testimony calling on the U.S. Senate to name publicly that abortion access is fundamental to economic justice, well-being, and equality.

The fact is that people who are denied abortions are not only stripped of their bodily autonomy, they are also significantly more vulnerable to poverty, falling into debt, and financial insecurity, in comparison to individuals who access abortion care. Access to abortion simply cannot be separated from economic security. 

Recognizing this deep connection, WorkLife Law has been on the ground empowering abortion seekers to overcome barriers at work and school through know-your-rights resources and by providing assistance on our free legal helpline. WorkLife Law attorneys are also training abortion support providers on using the law to overcome barriers presented by work and school. Learn more here about our reproductive justice work.

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