Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment trainings are often criticized for being too narrowly focused on compliance standards and examples of egregious behavior. Professor Joan C. Williams’s approach is a Bystander Intervention, which focuses instead on the more subtle things people see and struggle with at work. For example, you pass a group of people in the hallway and hear an atmosphere of sexual joking, but it seems in good fun and no one appears uncomfortable. What do you do, if anything?

Like our Individual Bias Interrupters, this workshop is discussion-based. Professor Williams will first work with your organization to find out what kinds of issues have come up. During the workshop, she lays out the legal framework of sexual harassment and then poses scenarios that participants talk through in small groups. This workshop has been given to managers throughout the U.S.—one law firm has given this training to every partner in the entire country. In January 2020, Williams delivered a version of this workshop to federal judges.

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